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There’s no doubt that Halloween is a very popular holiday for people to participate in. With over £300,000,000 being spent each year in the UK, and over 60% of all children dressing up, you can’t deny how popular it is.

There are therefore going to be a lot of Halloween costumes available for you to dress your kids up in. It’s quite a common occurrence for people to want to have the best kind of outfits for their little ones, which is why we’re going to be taking a look at the top ten options available.


1. Little Dragon Baby Dress Up Costume

The first option on the list is this adorable little baby costume. It’ll turn any child into a happy and bouncy dragon baby, and would be great for a first or even second Halloween.


2. Baby Frankenstein Dress Up Costume

Another option is the Baby Frankenstein costume for your little monster! It’s adorable, and a good representation of the famous creature, and would look lovely on your little one.


3. Witch Role Play Costume

If you have a little one who would be best suited to being a witch, then this is the costume for you. Its absolutely adorable and is suitable for a few bigger kids, as opposed to young babies.


4. Cutie Cat Dress Up Costume Toddler

Another excellent example of a costume for little ones would be this superb cat costume. It’s sleek, comfy and would be ideal for older children.


5. Cheeky Little Devil Costume

It’s no secret that some kids have the potential to be little devils… and that’s perfect for Halloween! This devil costume is ideal for toddlers and older children and looks great too.


6. Little monkey baby dress up costume

This costume brings a smile to the face of even the scariest ghoul or ghost as your little monkey lightens up even the darkest Halloween night. Warning: this costume is strictly for only the cheekiest little spirits.


7. Spooky spider dress up costume

Spiders can be spooky, but they can also be adorable too. This particular costume has a fun design which is comfortable for your toddler but also makes sure they’re ready for the spooky season!


8. Little Pumpkin Baby Dress Up Costume

Who wants their little one to be a pumpkin? If you do, then this is the costume for you. It’s adorable and is comfortable too, so it’s perfect for this Halloween.


9. Skeleton Cutie Dress Up Costume

Skeletons are some of the most spooky parts of Halloween. However, this adorable costume for your little one is far from spooky – it’ll make your heart melt instead.


10. Little Bitty skeleton Toddler Costume

If you’ve got a little man who’s big on costumes and skeletons, then this is for you. It’s a comfort-able outfit which would be perfect for someone who’s enjoying one of their first experiences with Halloween.



All in all, these are just a few of the different costume ideas for your kids this Halloween. Any one of them would be ideal for your child, and they’re all exceptionally cute.

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