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Hide and seek!

Always a popular one with young children… Who knows, they might just stumble into a magical wardrobe and out into a rather snowy Narnia.

Bake, Bake, Bake!

Everyone loves homemade cookies and cakes, plus it’s a fun way for the kids to learn a couple of useful skills (might be helpful come university!)

A chance to get lost in a story…

Leave the rain and enter a new world far far away. Some of our happiest memories come from reading our favourite children’s books. It’s always so exciting to introduce them to a book you just know they will love and never forget forever.

Make a den

Use the cosiest blankets you have, and maybe even a mattress or two! Under the kitchen table, in between the sofas, or in fact, any secret hidden corner of the house can be made into an impenetrable fortress!